Friday, November 18, 2011

Hello sun!

Finally the weather is starting to warm up. I have professed a desire to ditch the denim cut-offs- you know the concept is tired when Supre starts selling pre-ripped versions- but the spring sunshine took me by surprise and I just grabbed the first thing on the top of my laundry hamper. Everything is vintage, except the bag. It's from Sportsgirl and fits everything in it....even things I never thought I needed. I swear, ever since I upgraded to a bag that fits more than just my iPhone and wallet in it, I have just been throwing things in there like it's Mary Poppin's carpet bag. Completely non-essentials, such as novels and hair spray and two iPods and tweezers and fruit and an assortment of 'just in case' costume jewellery. You know, just in case I find myself in a situation where I just need 4 Forever 21 cocktail rings. The other day a bouncer was checking my bag and pulled out a hair straightener. Oh it is a sad life I lead... xxx

I am wearing a floral shirt, $4, and little boys jeans cut into shorts, $5, from Salvos. Sunglasses from Valleygirl, bag from Sportsgirl, genuine authentic heritage select vintage from the nineteen seventies patchwork leather clogs, $10 from Savers. Yep, clearly still pretty excited about finding them on a bottom shelf with no one to love them. So lucky!


  1. Hi Estelle,

    I've been catching your blog posts but haven't had the chance to comment- so here I am enjoying a thorough read :)

    i want to see a close up shot of your patchwork clogs! THEY ARE AMAZING, what a find! The shoe wall is probably the first place I look whenever I stop by an op-shop! There are always hidden gems to be found. Nice to see you shorts dear, looking great!

    I saw earlier you got a job at Rubi Shoes? Is that correct? I may be coming to Melbourne for day this week, will you be anywhere near Flinders Lane?

    Hope you're well,

    x Lauren

  2. Oh Estelle, thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I will be coming down to Melbourne this Thursday for the launch - it's all pretty exciting, I don't think it will hit me till I get there haha

    I maybe arriving in Melbourne earlier in the day, so if you're around it would be great to finally meet you! what is your email address, probably best to chat there :)

  3. hahaha! I'm exactly like you!
    I keep everything in my bag too!
    make-up, hair straightener, moisturiser, perfume...
    i gets a bit heavy after a while.


  4. love your denim cutoff and your shoes~!! You're looking gorgeous as usual =)

    SHOP Ezzentric Topz


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