Sunday, January 15, 2012

Floral....and then some.

I can't tell you how happy I was when I found this pretty floral maxi dress amongst the racks of second hand items at Savers Dandenong (see my last post!). It's basically the perfect dress to wear in Indonesia, where I'm currently living, because it's light and breezy but still modest. Adding a floral tapestry bag that I found for a mere $1 at the local Brotherhood of Saint Lawrence made a matchy-matchy ensemble that I would be happy to wear just about anywhere- especially running errands in bright and bustling Jakarta! 



  1. death by florals! im in love with your floral pieces babe!

  2. i love these photographs! <3 you look absolutely gorgeous, Estelle. i have missed your posts oh so much. :) xxx

  3. @Liezyl Thank you lovely, I guess you could say it is death by florals! But you should see my wardrobe.....when everything is hung up together it really is death by florals!

    @Tasha I have missed YOU!!! Can't wait to get a spare hour of time with just a cup of tea, your blog and some endless scrolling. Ohhh the photos :)

  4. Beautiful! You look so pretty in this amazing dress, and your bag is incredible. Thank you so much for your super sweet comments! They made my day :)

  5. I love the floral print of your dress!

    This blog is so fantastic, well done! Please check mine out and follow if you like it! I promise to return the favour!


  6. soooo cute!! I love floral!! <3 now following!! Follow me back?!


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