Friday, April 13, 2012

Can I just say...


Hey, Raf Simmons taking over at Christian Dior and Bergdorfs switching hands, Imma let you finish.....but I need to gush about this CO by Cotton On collection right now.

Yes, your opinion of me might have just dropped by a hundred points but hear me out. Shopping at high street chains like Cotton On is cheap, and now, it's actually stylish! Behold these wonderful outfits! I can honestly say I would wear every single one, and each piece is under $50 so technically I could. I could have it all (cue Adele reference).

Cropped knitted jumpers paired with skirts or shorts is basically my uniform so its a no brainer as to why I love this collection. The extra details like peter pan collars, high waists and sheer shirts are just the icing on the cake.

I hardly wear anything that isn't from the op shop (only reason being I am poor, not because I'm some eco-warrior) but I'm relaxing that rule for this stuff. CO by Cotton On is only available on the interwebs....they state this kind of apologetically on the website but I'm all for it- it means I don't have to leave my doona and cup of darjeeling. Winning at life.

Happy shopping!


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